January 27, 2023

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Winter Wonderlands: 11 Funny Christmas Video Games

December is a great month to spend time with family and friends, take some time off from work, and dust off that Sinatra vinyl. It can also be a good time to kick off your shoes and play some video games, and what better way to celebrate the holiday season than in the games themselves? The number of games that take place during the holiday season isn’t incredibly long, but in compiling this list I’ve uncovered more than I previously knew, including some hidden gems that might be worth trying if you’re looking for a festive new experience .

The list includes the most obvious examples – the first of which I’ve opened up below, the aforementioned hidden gems you may have missed over the past few Decembers, and some live service options. For gamers looking for some Christmas cheer in a live multiplayer environment, today’s games are quite numerous, with some of the biggest games in the world getting a makeover with tinsel and garland – and maybe a snowy world – every December. Others are frozen forever in that time and place, with stories that fit into the setting in ways that I think are more enjoyable when played around the same time in real life.

This list includes games that are new as of 2022 and those that are many years old. It even includes two superhero stories because sometimes Christmas needs saving. Some of these games subvert the holiday spirit with activities like villain slaying, while others focus on the true spirit of the season – hot chocolate and home decorating. Here are some great games to play this season to bring some Christmas cheer to your console, PC or mobile device.