January 27, 2023

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What’s in store for the EV market in 2023? • Eureka News Now

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Greetings, readers. When hey and Christine I told you last week that the Daily Crunch will be a little different this week as they are both taking some time off. But you’ll still get some TC tidbits during this usually slow news week. I’ll also be sharing some of our favorite stories of the year from TC and TC+, so let’s get started! — Neither Christine nor Haje

The Eureka News Now Top 3

2023 will be the year EVs really start to take shape: “Driven by policy initiatives from governments and billions of dollars in investment from automakers, we can say with certainty that the EV industry has started to take shape.” Rebekah writes. No Next Twitter, he says: Devin writes that it’s perfectly fine that there is no substitute for the Twitter some of us know and struggle with: ‘The illusory choice of rushing to The Next Twitter , must be rejected . More than a product, Twitter was a moment in time, an unrefined manifestation of digital capability that, like any such raw element, destroyed as often as it was created. It was necessary and interesting, but these messy delights have a messy ending. Recreating it now with only superficial teaching would be like rebuilding a collapsed castle on the same shifting sands. Watch it sink!” “It’s the (lack of) detail that counts”: Zack and Karlyour friendly neighborhood cybersecurity reporters, take a look back at the year’s worst-handled data breaches.

Startups and VCs

In the windmill: Harry writes that robotics startup Aerones, which scrubs and inspects wind turbines, has raised $39 million in funding from undisclosed investors. Multifaceted fintech: Jakarta-based company Akulaku has raised $200 million. The fintech, which is also active in the Philippines and Malaysia, offers a virtual credit card and hire purchase platform, as well as an investment platform and neobank. Catherine writes. Look at the money: Indian fintech Money View has raised $75 million in a new round to scale its lending business and develop more products. Manic writes.

High-growth startups should start de-risking their IPO journey now

Photo credit: Richard Drury (opens in new window) / Getty Images

It sounds counterintuitive, but in this frigid fundraising environment, late-stage startups must consider an IPO.

“While some companies are postponing their IPOs, others are catching up and preparing for the time when the open market wants to invest again,” writes Carl Niedbala, COO and co-founder of commercial insurance broker Founder Shield.

In a lengthy TC+ article, he examines why “sensible companies are making their public path risk-free”, which sectors are best positioned and perhaps most notable, which benchmarks suggest “an IPO is in their future.”

Two more and a review:

Six climate tech trends: More and more investors are looking to get into the climate tech space, and we have some ideas on where they will put their money Tim reports. FOMO on Due Diligence: Some investors talk about how due diligence and investment practices have suffered a bit this year and how we can learn from our biggest mistakes. Dominic Madori and Ron Have more. Look back: Karan Bhasin covers what 10 investors thought about no-code/low-code startups in the first quarter of this year. We will conduct a new no-code/low-code survey in Q1 2023. So if you are an investor interested in this space and would like to participate, please contact us here.

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BigTech, Inc.

Struggles in India: Amazon and Uber were among a number of companies named by research firm Fairwork India as creating unfair working conditions for gig workers. Manic has more. Balance out: If you’re looking for a report on how you’re interacting with your computer, Balance has you covered and can even help you work on some healthy computing habits if you’re looking for one in the new year. Ivan writes. What’s coming for AI: kyle also donned his prediction hat over the weekend to let us all know what to expect on the AI ​​front in 2023.