February 7, 2023

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Today’s Wordle Answer (#530) – December 1, 2022

Who doesn’t look forward to a little Wordle action on Thursday from time to time? It’s the first day of December and the holiday season can officially begin. Unfortunately, the Wordle gods didn’t make things easy for players at the beginning of the month. The answer is quite tricky today as it contains an uncommon word and tricky spelling.

If you haven’t started Wordle yet, you can check out our list of recommended starter words. However, if you’ve already crossed the trailhead, you’re probably looking for clues. Luckily, we offer just that further down in this guide. We’ll also lay out the full answer for players who want to get through today unscathed.

Today’s Wordle answer – December 1, 2022

We’ll start with a few pointers that relate directly to today’s Wordle answer, but don’t give them away right away.

Note 1: This word is defined as forcibly throwing something or someone out. In sports, players are often affected when they commit too many violations. Note 2: This word has two vowels, but they are the same vowel. The word has a “j” somewhere.

If these pointers weren’t enough to get the ball rolling for you, you can read on for the full wordle answer. The full response to the December 1 wordle is eject. Any word that starts with a vowel will be difficult, but the added “j” makes this one of the more difficult words of late. Hopefully every player was able to get this wordle right and continue their streak. Check back tomorrow for another edition of our Wordle guides.

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