November 27, 2022

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Tim Connor likes Victor Consunji’s photo with Rachel Carrasco

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Tim Connor reacted to this post shared by Rachel Carrasco

British-Thai digital entrepreneur Tim Connor liked the photo of property developer Victor Consunji from Victor Consunji Development Corp. with marketing guru and entrepreneur Rachel Carrasco.

Although the above personalities are in the business world, they have been entangled in the world of showbiz, and that’s down to former beauty queen and TV host Maggie Wilson.

Photo taken on IG

Victor is Maggie’s estranged husband. Tim has some business ventures with Maggie and they are bonded. Rachel has been accused by Maggie of being Victor’s “Kabit” since 2019.

The estranged couple have shared fascinating posts on Instagram that have fueled the fires of controversy surrounding their split. Victor even filed an adultery lawsuit against Maggie and Tim.

In her defense, Maggie stressed that her estranged husband has been cheating on her since 2019, with Rachel. The former beauty queen even shared photos and screenshots to back up her claim against Victor and Rachel.

Amid the controversy surrounding her personal life, Rachel Carrasco shared a photo with Victor Consunji in her recent Instagram post. The marketing guru captioned her post “Toi et Moi,” which means “you and me.”

Based on the geotag Rachel had in her post, the photo was taken in Pont des Arts or Passerelle des Arts, a pedestrian bridge in Paris that crosses the Seine. Rachel’s comments section is limited to people she follows. Her friends commented with heart emojis.

Note that Tim Connor liked this photo of Victor Consunji with Rachel Carrasco.

Tim Connor likes Victor Consunji’s photo with Rachel Carrasco

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Victor’s trusted public relations expert, Lana Faith Johnson, stole money from his company. Maggie said in her post that she warned her estranged husband about Lana, but he chose to believe the latter over his wife.

What can you say about that?

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