December 4, 2022

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The Nintendo Switch Sports Free Golf Update arrives on November 28th

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Nintendo Switch Sports is getting its first new sport since the game’s release in April this year – golf. Featuring 21 holes from the previous Wii Sports title, the free update allows fans to play a casual game of golf with friends online or offline, as well as a competitive knock-out mode called Survival Golf.

The Golf update for Nintendo Swift Sports is free for all players who already own the game and will be released on November 28th.

While the update’s 21 holes come from previous games in the Wii Sports series – of which Nintendo Switch Sports is the first not to have “Wii” in the title – the eight-player online survival golf mode is brand new.

Golf joins the six sports that have been part of Nintendo Switch Sports from the start – tennis, bowling, chambara (sword fighting), soccer, volleyball and badminton. A previous major update to the game added improved motion controls for soccer, as well as new volleyball motions.

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