January 27, 2023

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The 7 best streaming Christmas logs for your holiday season

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Christmas time and holiday season are many things. It’s a time of happiness, joy, self-reflection and growth – and usually a little too much sugar, but that’s what downtime is for. But all of these far-reaching and wonderful emotions often come like a snowball with a barrage of stress, sleep deprivation, and not nearly enough time to rest.

This has been a busy year and it is beginning to become an evergreen statement for all of us together as a world. And that’s why it’s important that everyone remembers to make time for you and the people you care about. But just because you’re surrounded by others, or maybe yourself, doesn’t mean you can keep it festive while you rest.

This holiday season, create some space for quiet, not just for reflection and introspection, but for yourself with the sound of a crackling fire to soothe you. HBO Max, Netflix and Shudder make it easy to celebrate the things you love with some creative and interesting Christmas transcripts ready to stream anytime.

Yule log these ones too, as we have carefully selected only a few of the best from the many available. And we’ve got the funniest, and probably weirdest, surprise from HBO Max’s Adult Swim Yule. Sign up first and get ready to burn.

And a nice, festive fire always goes well with pixelated joy, so when you’re done over here check out GameSpot, which also has a list of snowy, seasonal games. And if things are feeling too lucky, you can always invite Krampus and more from our list of holiday horrors.