November 27, 2022

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Sample Letter: Submitting a Casino Complaint Report

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Filing any type of complaint report can be quite difficult and confusing at times. Many departments are charged with taking business complaints or resolving disputes, but you need to know where to look.

For casinos in the Philippines, there are specific steps that you need to follow and information that you need to include. When dealing with casino issues, your best bet is to contact PAGCOR, the state-owned company tasked with overseeing the casino industry.

Let’s look at what to look out for when writing a letter of complaint and how best to word it.

Before writing

In general, simple letters contain five distinctive parts that help the reader better understand your intentions. These five parts are the headline, the greeting, the body, the complement, and the signature line.

However, this letter retains the main elements but adds specific features of a complaint letter. For example, the body of the letter must contain a formal and more technical detailing of the misconduct of the said company.

If you wish to send the letter electronically, you can do so. PAGCOR has a dedicated portal for reporting problems and complaints.

Pay attention to the necessary data

Before you begin writing your complaint letter, you must make an effort to remember the actions as they happened and make sure you are telling the truth exactly as you saw it.

As defined by PAGCOR, here are some of the conflict areas for mediation that you may need to know in order to classify your complaint:

Non-Payment of Justified Debts – This may include, but is not limited to, payments or monetary transactions. Minor Crimes – Personal crime without violation of government. Other Matters – Matters not included in the above categories that can be settled through an amicable situation.

Remember that a complaint letter must contain all of your claims against the defendant and you must state what relief you are seeking. Remedy in this case means what you ask for as compensation to consider your problem with the casino solved. Subsequently, the recipient of the complaint must respond by replying.

example letter

The content of the letter is purely fictitious and intended as an example:

Name: Nathanael Garcia
Address: 1599 Briz District, Tagum, Davao del Norte, Philippines
Date: 04/20/2022

Contact name: Angelo Ramos
Company name: Casino Crello
Address: 1109 Del Monte Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Here begins the body of the letter detailing your complaint:

To whom it May concern:

On [date of the event]I, [your name]entered the premises of [name of the casino] to enjoy the facilities of this shop. Since I was a new casino customer I was offered one [name of the bonus]and i used it for gaming [casino game].

At the end of my casino activities I wanted to withdraw the funds I had collected while playing [name of the bonus]. However, I was told by a casino employee that my money was not eligible for withdrawal due to [reason of ineligibility].

The terms and conditions of the bonus did not mention this condition for withdrawal. I would therefore like to see the funds raised appreciated [specify the value]while playing [casino game] With [name of the bonus] on the premises of [name of the casino] on [date of the event].


Your signature: [signature]
Her name: Nathaniel Garcia

What should you pay attention to?

Before you think about complaining about a specific event, you need to be sure that a crime has taken place. You can read the terms and conditions that you have agreed to when playing casino games, including at land-based casinos.

For example, even wagering promotions like bonuses have terms and conditions that you need to be up to date with.

As you know, as soon as you enter the premises of a private building, you also undertake to behave in a certain way depending on the size of the building.

What are the responsibilities of a casino?

As a company dealing with gambling and money, international casino sites have to respect a regulatory manual in order to keep their licenses and operate in this industry.

For example, see page 204 for the rules for running table games. There you will find certain conditions under which a licensed gambling operator could decline your bets.

Section 20 on page 77 informs us of the details required for a casino to hold a poker tournament. If you notice any irregularities at the event, e.g. e.g. refusing to pay players what they collected, this casino could of course get into trouble losing its license.

To file an internal complaint

Filing an internal grievance can be stressful, but misconduct must be reported if it exists. If you find yourself in this situation, you can use PAGCOR’s official Whistleblowing Policy.

In the policy linked above, PAGCOR is committed to the highest standards of ethical and lawful conduct in the business. In addition, PAGCOR encourages all affected individuals with serious concerns to submit complaints without fear of retaliation.

You’re in Good Gangs

This year, PAGCOR was embroiled in an investigation into the Suncity Group’s freezing of funds. In total, PAGCOR received 29 complaints from different people stating that Suncity Group is not willing to let them withdraw their funds. The total of these funds was HK$160.8 million.

In order to solve this problem, PAGCOR gave Suncity Group a deadline of one month to release the promised funds to the respective customers.

As stated on the website, PAGCOR revolves around ethics of conduct and fulfills its role as a gambling regulator. You can feel heard by this authority as they take wrongdoing very seriously.

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