December 4, 2022

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Overwatch 2: Mei temporarily disabled due to ice wall bug

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Blizzard has announced that it is temporarily disabling Mei from Overwatch 2 following reports of bugs related to her Wall of Ice ability. According to the statement, these bugs have allowed players to reach unintended locations. The team is currently working to fix the issues and are aiming to have the Arctic Explorer back in-game on November 15th.

[#OW2] We’re temporarily disabling Mei to fix a bug with her Ice Wall ability that allows heroes to reach unintended locations. We are working to fix these issues as soon as possible and aim to bring Mei back in our next upcoming patch scheduled for November 15th.

— Blizzard CS – Americas (@BlizzardCS) October 31, 2022

In addition to pushing characters into out-of-bounds areas, some players have also reported issues with Mei’s Ice Wall where attacks could not be blocked or teammates could not be lifted. In a clip shared by Twitter user stefayylmao1, running into Mei’s ice wall causes Kiriko to enter an undetected area where she can exploit being unable to be hit while taking out enemies.

Mei isn’t the first character to be removed from Overwatch 2. Earlier this month, both Torbjorn and Bastion were removed from the game after players also reported bugs with their abilities. The pair was reintroduced to the game on October 25 along with the Junkertown map. Blizzard’s estimated downtime for Mei aligns closely with Torbjorn and Bastion’s removal time, giving us a good first look at how bug fixes and other changes will be implemented in the newly released live service title.

In Overwatch 2’s GameSpot review, we wrote: “Overwatch 2 feels like a fantastic update to a multiplayer game, with mechanics that allow for exciting skirmishes between teams of heroes. As a separate entity and sequel, however, it stumbles. Changes to the core game are steps in the right direction, but there are new points of friction where there were none before.”

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