November 27, 2022

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How to Gain Clarity and Find Happiness in Life by Alice Inoue

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On this episode of The Lifehack Show, we invited Alice Inoue, founder and life leader of Happiness U – a company dedicated to helping individuals find unprecedented clarity – to join us.

Alice is an award-winning author and life coaching expert who has dedicated her life to helping others find answers to life’s challenges. As one of Hawaii’s thought leaders and acclaimed expert, thousands of people have found clarity through her work over the past 20+ years. Her unique life wisdom is featured in her eight books on self-growth and happiness, as well as her long-running column in MidWeek, Hawaii’s largest publication with 200,000 readers.

In this episode, Alice shares her journey to fulfilling her purpose in life and shares some practical tips for anyone looking for clarity in life.

Watch the full interview here:

Here I will highlight some of the great takeaways from the interview.

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The meaning of life is not about happiness

Contrary to what many believe, the purpose of life is not about happiness. Think about it, if the purpose of life is happiness, then when all the bad things are happening to us, we’re going to feel like we’re living with no purpose at all. In reality, we will all face challenging moments and often feel sad and frustrated.

I have to accept the good and the bad, the positive and the negative, and it all makes life good. And if I can accept that and grow from it, then I’m fulfilled and then happy. — Alice Inoue

The purpose of life is to grow and learn and discover more about who you are and what you are capable of.

Accepting where you are, whether you are facing a big challenge or failure, is the first step. Once you learn to accept your circumstances, you know you must take action to overcome them. This is how you grow and become a better person. The process of constant learning and growth is the meaning of life.

Life is like two sides of a coin. It’s so valuable to realize that you can’t have one without the other, so you might as well accept it. And once we accept it, that’s the process of happiness. — Alice Inoue

You find happiness where you find your purpose

Happiness is what makes us feel good, it could be something worthwhile or meaningful.

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For example, if you helped someone open a door they couldn’t and they said “thank you,” you would feel good; or when you have achieved something, you feel good.

How do you know what makes you feel good? Alice suggests asking yourself these 2 questions:

Where do I teach every day? Where do I study every day?

Try to reflect on your everyday life:

Are you a mother figure or a father figure to someone? Are you a link to some people – let’s say you recommend someone of a person, company or service for good experiences? Do you offer support or a nurturing experience to some people?

These simple questions will help you realize that you are a meaningful part of this world.

We can probably all see: oh, I’m learning from YouTube, I’m teaching my kid how to brush their teeth, or I’m teaching executives how to coach… By asking yourself simple things, you realize that you actually have a have purpose. — Alice Inoue

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Being unclear about life actually helps you gain clarity

We can never be absolutely certain about all aspects of life, including our future. What we need to do is accept that life is complex and will never be fully clear. The clarity we should strive for is to focus on what we can do today to achieve greater clarity. What is unclear today can actually lead us to greater clarity tomorrow.

Alice tells a story in the interview:

A man came up to Alice and told her he wasn’t making enough money. He always thought if he could make more money he could buy better gifts for friends and family. He always blamed his job for not paying him much. Then Alice asked him, ‘Do you have a bank account? Do you have savings? Do you have a credit card?” And his answers were all yes. The truth was, he didn’t buy expensive gifts for others because he chose not to. It wasn’t because he didn’t have enough money, but he decided to save the money for his children’s school.

These simple questions helped the man gain clarity in life.

Own your choices. Don’t blame the company or other people. You can (do something) if you want, you just choose not to do it. Don’t fool yourself about what you actually own—that’s clarity. — Alice Inoue

Moving toward greater clarity isn’t instant, it doesn’t happen with just one positive thought. It is a change in mentality that takes time and requires the commitment of practice.

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We’re so lazy we believe every thought that comes out. We believe things we’re told that we never research, so sometimes we’re just half a pile of junk in our heads to live on. This is our card and no wonder we are not happy. — Alice Inoue

We need to start recognizing where our belief system is deviating and where we are looking that isn’t leading us in the right direction. In this way we can gradually gain clarity. We need to figure out where we are first and then move on from there.

Final Thoughts

If you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed in life, this interview with Alice will help you gain insight to find clarity in life so you can start finding ways to work towards the life and goals you have want.

Finding meaning and happiness in life is certainly not easy. But you have a lifetime to learn and grow to become a better self every day!

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