February 4, 2023

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How do I start a Turo business?

You no longer need to take on a side job or spend extra time in your existing position to make some extra money.

Earning money now without much effort is easy if you do it right. Running a Turo business is a great way to make extra money. So how do you run a Turo business?

You must own a vehicle before you can start a Turo business. Of course, this automobile has to meet certain requirements. The next steps include photographing your car, listing it on the Turo website, deciding how much to charge for it, and choosing the insurance plan that best suits your needs.

Compared to all their competitors, they have the most customers. As a result, it’s much easier for consumers to rent cars from you than from any other company. Come along to learn how to run a Turo business, because Turo can be a fantastic way for anyone to make money almost passively.

What is required to open a Turo store?

While starting a business on Turo doesn’t require many resources and requires little administrative work, it won’t be easy. However, anyone who wants to start a Turo company can easily do so provided they are willing to pay the low incorporation fees that all companies charge.

You need a vehicle to share with others since Turo operates as a peer-to-peer car-sharing service. Because you need proof of ownership to list a car on the Turo website, it’s impossible to rent a car from another company and charge a premium with Turo. The following is a list of the additional criteria for a vehicle to be listed on Turo.

You’ll also need to decide which Turo insurance plan you want, which depends on how much you want to deduct from your total profits versus Turo’s share. There are many decisions involved in starting a Turo business, but it’s worth it when your business thrives.

Choose a Car for Your Turo Profession

With Turo, you can’t just list any vehicle. Neither a tractor nor a Rolls Royce will be allowed on your list. The following conditions must be met before a car can be listed on Turo:

No agricultural or construction machinery. No motorcycles or limousines. No vans with a capacity of more than eight. Cars that require special permission to drive on public roads or off-road vehicles. Only vehicles that have your name on the title or whose owners have given permission can be listed. The date of manufacture of the mentioned item must not be older than 12 years. If a vehicle has an original OEM tracker and a market value of less than $200,000, you can list it. Otherwise you must not do this. No more than 130,000 miles have been accumulated on the specified car. The title of the specified vehicle must be unique.

To be advertised on Turo, a car must meet all of the above specifications. (Requirements may vary by region.)

You must select the correct car if you don’t already own one and want to purchase one in order to list it on Turo. Many successful Turo business owners advise against buying a used car for rent from Turo.

This is because cars depreciate in value over time, and you want your car on Turo to be worth more than what you paid for it. From now on, it would be beneficial if you consistently buy used vehicles to market on Turo. So, before making your choice, you should look for a car whose average price is as low as you can afford.

You can choose the vehicle that you think will best fit that budget. Additionally, buying a vehicle through a public dealer is cheaper than buying from private sellers on sites like Facebook and Craigslist. Many successful Turo users advise anyone considering buying a vehicle to advertise on the site, never finance it, pay in full.

Add your car to Turo

You may list the Vehicle with Turo after you have determined and confirmed that you own the Vehicle. Again, this procedure is fairly easy and shouldn’t take very long. But even though you should describe your car honestly in your ad, it must also contain a vehicle advertisement.

Visit the Turo website and select “Become a Host” to get started. You must take and submit photos of the vehicle you wish to list and submit information on how much you wish to charge for it. You will also need to submit other administrative documents such as a copy of your driver’s license, proof of ownership of the vehicle, VIN number, license plate number and a few other things. When you list the car with Turo, all of this data is requested.

Choose the price you charge for your car

You shouldn’t advertise your prices too high and hope that people would use the car and give you lots of money. In fact, there will probably be many people offering the same type of car as you, so you should compete with them.

Therefore, you must first visit Turo to see what other users are charging for your vehicle type before deciding on a price to compete with them.

Choose your insurance plan from Turo

Depending on how much of the total rental income you want to insure, you have several options with Turo.

Turo offers you less coverage the more you want to benefit from each rental. For example, you would get a lot less insurance benefits if you only kept 60% of the vehicle’s earnings instead of choosing to keep 85% of it. You can choose from many options for a package that falls between the two percentages given.


Once you’ve completed the above tasks, all you have to do is wait for your first rental. If a rental occurs, Turo will provide you with instructions on how to handle it. Expect to pay fees for the vehicle as you also need to make sure you maintain the vehicle.

A fantastic semi-passive income stream is Turo. You can make a lot of money if you do well and eventually list more than one car. Before beginning your Turo journey, conduct all necessary and relevant research. Then wait patiently for the earnings to bear fruit.