January 27, 2023

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Five dead in Toronto shooting: police

Five people were killed and another injured in a shooting in a suburb of Toronto, Canada, on Sunday, police said.

The suspect also died after a shootout with law enforcement, local police chief Jim MacSween told reporters, saying the shooting took place at an apartment building.

The injured person was taken to the hospital and is not life-threatening.

Police were called to the scene early Sunday evening.

“As soon as officers arrived, they were confronted with … a horrific scene in which scores of victims died,” MacSween told reporters, according to Canadian media.

Police were investigating the motive and whether there was a link between the victims and the male suspect, who was not named.

The suspect is said to have acted alone.

The victims were found in various apartments in the building, which is located in Vaughan, a suburb about 30 kilometers north of Toronto.

Residents were immediately evacuated, and dozens of ambulances and police officers were on the scene by evening, Canadian media said.

While it has suffered far fewer mass shootings than its American neighbor, Canada has seen a surge in gun violence that has prompted it to recently enact handgun ban legislation.

In April 2020, a gunman disguised as a police officer killed 22 people in the eastern province of Nova Scotia, Canada’s worst mass shooting.

In September of this year, a man killed 11 people and stabbed 18 others, mostly in a remote Indigenous community in the province of Saskatchewan.

Violent firearm-related crime accounts for less than three percent of all violent crime in Canada — but since 2009, the per capita rate of firearms fired with intent to kill or injure has increased fivefold.

Canada banned 1,500 types of military- or assault-grade firearms in May 2020, days after the Nova Scotia shooting.