February 4, 2023

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Dying Light 2’s official modding tools are now available in a free DLC

As part of a free Dying Light 2 update, PC players can now create and share their own maps. The Beta Developer Tools is a collaboration between dev Techland and mod.io, a company that helps studios integrate player-made mods and content into games.

This comes after Techland confirmed it has official modding tools for Dying Light 2 in the pipeline, similar to Dying Light’s developer tools.

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A competition called Shape Your City will accompany the release of the developer tools. Players can submit their own creations made with developer tools to win a share of the $55,000 prize. The closing date for entries is January 20th, the winners will be announced on February 2nd.

“We know you enjoyed the developer tools in Dying Light, and we’re excited to partner with mod.io to announce that Dying Light 2 Stay Human now includes this incredible feature,” said Techland Technology Producer Rafał Polito . “Now our players have even more content and opportunities to create maps and user-generated stories on top of it.”

According to a press release, mod.io and Techland also plan to offer official mod support and aim to make mods available on all platforms and not just PC.

Dying Light 2 was released on February 4, 2022. In GameSpot’s review of Dying Light 2, critic Mark Delaney gave the game a 6/10. He praised the game for the parkour mechanics but felt the story was lacking.

“Dying Light 2 is a confusing game. Its story and characters are a headache and it seems to lack sparkle in many areas Parkour Challenge, browse another abandoned science lab or just see if I can get from point A to point B without ever hitting the ground” , Delaney said, “It’s rough around the edges and asks players to invest heavily in its weakest element, but once you realize that like gravity, the story is only going to pull you down, you can start to embrace it.” resisting and enjoying things from Dying Light 2 is actually good.”

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