February 4, 2023

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Does Amazon deliver to PO Boxes?

Amazon is a top online shopping site. It is easy to use and has many items to choose from. You can get everything from groceries, clothing, electronics and more. They also deliver to your home or office.

According to Amazon’s website, customers can also ship items directly to their PO Box by entering their zip code and other necessary information as the shipping address. If a PO Box is not available in the recipient’s zip code, they will need to go through the standard delivery process through their channel or with UPS or FedEx Ground.

Can I have Amazon deliver to the post office?

Yes, Amazon delivers to PO Boxes. A mailbox is typically used by businesses with multiple locations. They are also used by people who don’t want their mail delivered to their home address, rent out their apartment while on vacation, or just want to keep their mail private.

When you order from Amazon with a PO Box address, expect your shipments to arrive in three to seven business days or longer. A PO Box address does not allow you to receive same-day delivery, nor qualify for 2-day delivery, as only residential addresses are eligible for these services.

What are the pros and cons of shipping from Amazon to a PO Box?

The advantages:

Fixed address

A PO Box is a more stable address than an apartment address or other temporary location like a hotel or Airbnb rental. Suppose someone is trying to track down your company. In this case, they find it much easier when they know where to send their mail rather than having multiple addresses for your business and may risk missing some important paperwork when trying to reach them.

Faster delivery

Having a PO Box means you can get your items faster than having them shipped to your home address. For example, if you only have a day to get your hands on an item before it sells out, it may be more convenient to send it to a PO Box. You don’t have to worry about someone signing for the package or needing someone at home during delivery times.


The other benefit of using a PO Box is that you won’t miss a notification with your package. The post office notifies you when someone leaves a package at the post office or delivers it to your address. You can also search online for tracking information on your items and know when they will arrive at the PO Box.

Easy access to mail

If you use a PO Box, all mail will be delivered to your mailbox instead of going through your door. This makes it easier to pick up the mail without worrying about unwanted intruders in your home.

Ideal for independent business owners

With a PO box, you can easily receive all your packages in one place. Many independent sellers have found success by selling products on Amazon and other marketplaces. You could sell items from your home, garage, or guest room. Finding time every day to walk to the post office to pick up packages can be a lot of work.

Better security

Sending your packages to an address that doesn’t match your business address is more secure than using a home address, especially if you’re shipping valuable items like electronics or jewelry. This could help prevent theft and identity theft, and reduce liability if someone is injured on your property while picking up their package from your house.

The disadvantages:

Limited shipping options

Amazon does not offer UPS or FedEx delivery to PO Boxes. You can only use USPS, which means you’re limited to ground shipping, which is significantly slower than other options. Also, Amazon doesn’t offer free shipping for orders placed through USPS, so you have to pay extra for this service.

size limit

If you order larger items, they may not fit in a PO Box letter box and will need to be held at the post office until your recipient collects them. This can cause delays in the delivery process as Amazon cannot ship directly to PO Boxes and must instead rely on USPS.

Creates doubts in the minds of sellers

Sellers may also express doubts about buyers who use PO Boxes, as this suggests they may not be who they say they are, especially if they don’t know them personally. A seller might wonder why someone would use a mailing address that doesn’t appear on a credit report or other verification system unless they’re trying to hide something from them. This can discourage sellers from dealing with someone who is unwilling to disclose their true identity upfront, even when there might be legitimate reasons to do so.

age restriction

If you choose to have Amazon ship to a PO Box, you must be 18 years of age as all packages are shipped via USPS Post Office Services (USPS) and cannot be delivered without an adult signature. If someone under the age of 18 is trying to collect their package from the local post office, they can do so as soon as they turn 18.


Where can you send an Amazon package if it isn’t delivered to your PO Box?

If you’re having trouble with Amazon delivery, try these alternatives:

Amazon Hub Locker

Amazon Hub Locker is a special type of locker that you can use to receive packages from the Amazon.com delivery network. The package will be delivered to your nearest Amazon Hub Locker and you will be emailed a key code to retrieve it.


If you don’t have access to Amazon Hub Lockers but do have access to a UPS Store location, they can hold your packages for up to five days while you collect them. You can even have them delivered straight to your home if they are not picked up within this time.


Do you have friends or family nearby who could pick up a package for you? Ask them if they could include their address as the shipping location so it doesn’t look suspicious when an Amazon box is addressed to them.


Depending on your location and the products you order, Amazon may ship your items directly to the post office. You can either use your home address or add a PO Box to the address bar. Check the delivery page to see if this is an option for you. If you have trouble using it, just leave your zip code and they will show you region choices.