December 4, 2022

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Ending and Post-Credits Scene Explained

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All in all, it doesn’t really feel like we’ve been in Phase 4 of the MCU for that long – perhaps because the pace of content releases has skyrocketed from two movies a year to two to three movies a year plus three – up to four shows. And now here we are at the end. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever marks the official transition from Phase 4 to Phase 5, which will officially begin next year with Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. But before we can gallantry into another dimension, we have some important matters to attend to here and now in Wakanda.

From this point we get into some big spoilers. So if you haven’t seen Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, please proceed carefully!

the end (the)

Wakanda Forever is a film with many moving parts, each working toward their own individual ending, so we’ll do our best to break them down piece-by-piece for clarity. First, let’s look at Wakandans themselves and the nation as a whole. The Wakandans suffered some severe beatings at the hands of the Talokanil, causing some disaster movie destruction and culminating in the death of Queen Ramonda. That means the nation has plenty to do while the dust settles to ensure everyone gets back on their feet.

Wakanda as a nation ends things at the height of its relief efforts with rebuilding the nation – with a new king at the helm. That’s right: Shuri decides to retire from royal duties at the end of the film, allowing M’Baku to “challenge” the undisputed throne once and for all. We don’t see Shuri and M’Baku discuss this plan, but it is heavily implied that the two worked it out together beforehand, although the elders all seem quite shocked. It’s safe to assume that M’Baku’s rule will bring some changes to Wakanda, although they will likely be very positive.

Meanwhile, Riri Williams is leaving Wakanda to return to the United States, where she is expected to go back to school and continue working as an inventor. However, we don’t have to wait long to see what exactly that means — she has her own Disney+ TV show in the works. Riri can’t keep the armor she made in Wakanda, so one would assume the show will likely focus on her seriously developing the Iron Heart armor with her new knowledge.

Also in the States, Everett Ross, who spent the film feeding the Wakandans classified information right under his ex-wife Val de la Fontaine’s nose (that’s right — Ross and Val were apparently married), finishes the film by a few around hot water. It is revealed that Val was manipulating Ross the whole time, spying on his communications with Wakanda and eventually allowing that shoe to fall on him. If Val has his way, Ross will be in prison for life.

Luckily, the Wakandans don’t plan on letting their ally go under that easily. Ross ends the film when he is rescued from a prison transport by Okoye. We don’t know where she plans to take him, but we can assume he won’t stay in America.

Namor and the people of Talokan find themselves in a similarly precarious diplomatic situation when things begin to calm down. We leave him after he has been defeated by Shuri and return to his people who are at the same time grateful to have him alive but disappointed that the war they have been training for is not really happening. Namora confronts him on this particular issue, and Namor reveals his game: he has no real intention of putting aside his warlike ways. Instead, he sees this “alliance” with Wakanda as a means to an end in getting rid of the surface threat. One day, he says, the surface will come for Wakanda and when that happens, Talokan will be Wakanda’s only ally. This will put them in a powerful position to eliminate their enemies.

Speaking of Talokan, we’re leaving the film uncertain of exactly how much the surface world knows about them. There was a lot of evidence from their various attacks, and we know the government (and Val in particular) are keen to follow up on these breadcrumbs, but as far as we actually see in the film, no other country has noticed or paid attention the massive naval battle between the Talokanil and the Wakandans, meaning their secret is safe for now.

Which brings us to the post-credits scene and Shuri’s ending.

The new black panther

Shuri may be the new Black Panther, but she has retired from Wakanda indefinitely. She is visiting Nakia in Haiti, where instead of burying herself in her work, she plans to deal with her grief for her brother and mother in earnest.

However, Nakia has one last surprise for her. It is revealed that she secretly had a child with T’Challa before he died and raised him in Haiti unbeknownst to anyone. He’s about six years old now and goes by the Haitian name Toussaint – but his Wakanda name is actually T’Challa, after his father.

It’s not clear what the future holds for this child, but it’s clear that Shuri’s family legacy won’t end with her — and the future of the Black Panther mantle is assured, even if she decides to lay it down at some point in the future.

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