February 7, 2023

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A fire near the French city of Lyon has killed 10 people, including five children

PARIS (Reuters) – Ten people, including five children aged three to 15, were killed in a fire at an apartment building in Vaulx-en-Velin, near the French city of Lyon, in the early hours of Friday, Interior Minister Gerald said darmanine .

Another four people were seriously injured in the fire, which broke out on the ground floor before spreading through the seven-story building, rescue officials said local media.

The fire has now been extinguished, but footage on social media showed a huge dark cloud over the building earlier in the day.

The fire happened around 3 a.m. (0200 GMT).

“I was woken up by the screams,” a neighbor, Mohamed, told Le Progres de Lyon newspaper. “We wanted to help people, but the smoke was too strong. I saw a dead woman… It’s dramatic.”

Darmanin said the cause of the fire was not known at this time.

“There are several scenarios and an investigation is being opened,” said the minister, who is making his way to the site.

A neighbour, Rida, told Le Progres de Lyon: “I told my child not to go to school, he is shocked. It traumatized him to hear such screams, screams of terror. My legs are shaking.”